When: Saturday May 12th
Where: Indian Hill Cafetorium

Picture day is scheduled for Saturday, May 12th. Parents who wish to pay by credit card can go to www.SportsJournalphotos.com and use the code HYABAS714X18 to preorder your package. If you preorder please print out your receipt and put it in the envelope your child will give to the photographer. Envelopes can be picked up in the HYAA office (lower level Town Hall, M-F 10-3) or will be available on site the day of pictures.

Players should arrive 10 minutes before your teams scheduled time. Players with their envelope should find their coach, the coach will bring the team in for their pictures. As a courtesy please let your coach know if you will not be attending picture day.

Reminder: Children should wear SNEAKERS - no cleats will be allowed in the cafetorium



9:00 AM Quigley (Baseball/Rookie) Bryceland (Baseball/Rookie)  
9:30 AM Rakoski (Softball/Minor) Zolek (Baseball/Minor)  
9:45 AM Bowden (Baseball/Minor) Woodward (Baseball/Minor)  
10:00 AM Powers (Softball/T-ball) Carri (Baseball/Minor)  
10:30 AM Piotrowski (Baseball/T-ball) Van Alystyne (Baseball/T-ball)  
10:45 AM Wesch (Baseball/T-ball) Schick (Baseball/T-ball)  
11:00 AM Savage (Softball/Clinic) Longyear (Softball/T-ball) Rebimbas (Softball/Clinic)
11:15 AM Dulow (Softball/Major) Rosasco (Softball/Major) DiMare (Baseball/Rookie)
11:30 AM McGoey (Softball/Clinic) Cosmas (Baseball/Rookie) Flaherty (Baseball/T-ball)
11:45 AM Edrich (Baseball/T-ball) Messihi (Softball/Minor) Nolan (Softball/Minor)
12:00 PM Pesce (Baseball/Minor) Lauter (Baseball/Minor) Tomba (Baseball/Minor)
12:30 PM Samra (Baseball/Minor) Reddy (Baseball/Major2)