Hi HYAA Members,

HYAA is very happy to see youth sports begin again this Fall! On behalf of the organization I’d like to thank my fellow board members, all of the Commissioners, League Presidents, Coaches, Parents and Players for making this happen! We are a volunteer organization, so we depend on everyone making time, giving energy, and at times, making sacrifices to have youth sports in Holmdel. More so than ever, we are truly appreciative of your efforts!

I’d also like to thank the HYAA office staff (Laurie and Jayme) for their hard work and dedication over the past few months. There have been a lot of obstacles to navigate and they have done a great job for the organization!

As we all know, we are in unprecedented times and as such need to make sure that all members of HYAA are doing their part so we can sustain our sports’ seasons. I am sure we have heard stories of other towns, schools, and sports teams that have been affected by Covid 19. The organization wants to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our players, coaches, administrators, staff, refs/umps, and families safe.

Another way to think about it.....doing all we can to make sure Covid 19 is not spread through HYAA and impacting local school programs....for example....High School sports having to be shut down as a result of a Covid outbreak.

This note is intended to emphasize that at all HYAA events, HYAA players, coaches, parents and family members must adhere to the Covid 19 guidelines put forth by the Governor’s executive order earlier this year. This means practicing Social Distancing and Wearing Face Coverings.

You will also note the town has posted signs regarding Social Distancing at all public areas. As HYAA is using both town and school property for our events, it is imperative we adhere to these guidelines.

Each of our sports has a Covid 19 guideline protocol. I have asked the office to resend these to their players. Please review these, if you have any questions please ask your respective commissioner.

Again, as it pertains to Parents and Family Members when attending an HYAA event please follow the Town’s signs and the Governor’s Executive Order.........Social Distance and Wear a Face Covering.

Let’s make sure we do all we can to keep the kids playing sports in Holmdel and keep everyone safe!

Brendan Sharpe, HYAA President, on behalf of the HYAA Executive Board