HYAA Charter

    The Holmdel Youth Activities Association (HYAA) was formed in 1970 for the purpose of providing a high-quality recreational program for the children of Holmdel. Accordingly, we offer an HYAA Soccer and HYAA Fall Baseball program in the Fall, an HYAA Basketball program in the Winter, and an HYAA Baseball, HYAA Softball, and HYAA Spring Soccer program in the Spring for our children. Travel teams in each these sports are offered for those children who wish to complement their participation on HYAA recreation teams. 

    Conducting such an extensive youth program depends upon the efforts of a large number of volunteer adults from our community. In order to facilitate this adult involvement, the family of every child who is registered into any of our sports programs automatically becomes a member of the HYAA. Each April, any member of the HYAA can be elected to the HYAA Executive Committee, which administers the recreational programs offered. 

The HYAA Executive Committee structure consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are Commissioner positions in Baseball, Softball, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, Boys Soccer, and Girls Soccer. Administrative positions include a Director of Officials, Facilities Director, Equipment Director, and Publicity Director. There are also two Trustee positions.    It is the goal of these adult volunteers to organize, plan, and implement and provide a high-quality recreational experience for the children of Holmdel.