HYAA Tournament Team Policy

HYAA will sponsor Tournament teams for both boys and girls.
There will generally be one tournament team per age group.

Coach Application

Click here for the Travel Team Coach application (PDF). Print the application and return
the completed application to the appropriate HYAA commissioners.

Age Requirements

All teams shall be formed by AGE only. The only exception shall be if there is not a sufficient number of players in a particular age group to field an HYAA Tournament team. The player's age is determined as of April 1st of the current year for boys and as of December 31 of the prior year for girls.

Selection of Tournament Team Coaches

    The HYAA Commissioner shall inquire from the HYAA Coaches of a particular HYAA League as to who may be interested in becoming Head Coach, Manager, or Assistant Coach for a Tournament Team. The HYAA commissioners shall conduct an election in order to determine the Head Coach. 

Open Tryouts

The HYAA Commissioner shall direct and conduct an open tryout system that will determine the composition of an HYAA Tournament team. It is suggested that a few tryouts are held in order to give all of our HYAA participants an opportunity. The Tournament team coach will select the Tournament team and they must be registered players in that HYAA program. Players who want to play up above their age level have the option to try out for the higher age level and can try out for more than one age level but have to attend at least one tryout at each age level. There is no guarantee that  if they do not make the team at the higher age level that they will make the team at their age level. Appointment to the team is at the sole discretion of the head coach.

Minimum Participation 

In order to be eligible for an HYAA Tournament team, a player must attend and participate in at least 50 % of the HYAA Regular season games.  


Facility usage for an HYAA Tournament teams will be allocated only when the needs of the HYAA recreation program and participants are fulfilled. A Recreation team practice or game has priority to Holmdel facilities before an HYAA Tournament team. 

Tournament Team Budget

The Commissioners shall present to the EC for approval a Budget that divides the cost of Tournament fees, uniforms, and any other expenses among all Tournament participants. All proceeds that are received must be directed and accounted for by the HYAA Treasurer. Any surplus of funds shall belong to an HYAA Tournament Fund.  It is suggested that these excess funds be used to decrease the cost of that sport’s HYAA participants during the following season. 


All Team trophies that are awarded to an HYAA Tournament team belong to HYAA.  It is suggested that these awards be displayed at events which promote our organization. If a Tournament team coach or group of parents wish to award their players with any additional trophies, jackets, or other rewards, the cost of those items shall be the responsibility of the Tournament team coach or parents.       

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All exceptions to this Tournament Team policy must receive the approval of the HYAA Executive Committee.