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Updated 1/5/2018


This page contains information about the HYAA tournament basketball teams. This covers Mid-Monmouth teams, not AAU organizations.

Forms / Information

Travel Team Player Play-Up Policy

The HYAA basketball commissioners strongly encourage players to stay with their grade and age. However, if a player is dominant within their grade and age, the parents can request that the player be allowed to tryout for the next higher grade. The commissioners have sole discretion is determining whether the player will be permitted to play-up. If you have an interest in having your son or daughter play-up, please submit your travel play-up application to John Polivka at John.Polivka@comcast.net by May 17th for consideration.

Current Travel Team Gym Schedule - updated 1/5 6:00p

Gym Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Indian Hill Old 6:00-7:30 Boys 3A   Girls 4 Boys 3A Boys 4B
Indian Hill Old 7:30-9:30   8:00-9:30* Boys 4A Girls 4 Girls 5 Boys 5B Boys 7B
Indian Hill New 6:00-7:30         Girls 5 GAMES
Indian Hill New 7:30-9:30   8:00-9:30* Boys 7A * Boys 6A *   Boys 5A GAMES
Village New 6:00-7:30 Girls 7     Boys 4A  
Village New 7:30-9:30  8:00-9:30* Girls 8   Girls 6 *  Girls 7 OPEN *
Village Old 6:30-8:00       Boys 3B OPEN
Village Old 8:00-9:30   8:30-9:30*   OPEN   Boys 6B OPEN
Satz 6:30-8:00   Boys 5A        
Satz 8:00-9:30   Boys 8A   Boys 7A    

* We have a few open slots for teams when needed, contact John Polivka to book a one-time use
* Satz becomes available earlier on Wednesdays starting 2/28

Gym Time Team
Indian Hill Old 8:30-10:00 Boys 8B
Indian Hill Old 10:00-11:30 Girls 6
Indian Hill Old 11:30-1:00 OPEN
Gym Event Gyms Impacted
Indian Hill    
Mon 1/15 MLK Both Gyms
Fri 1/19 Bingo Night Both Gyms
Mon 2/19 Presidents Day Both Gyms
Fri 3/23 Boardwalk Both Gyms
Village Event Gyms Impacted
Mon 1/15 MLK Both Gyms
Fri 2/9  Bingo Night Village New
Mon 2/19 Presidents Day Both Gyms
Wed 3/7 unspecified event Village New
Thurs 3/8  unspecified event Village New
Wed 3/21 show Village New
Thurs 3/22 show Village New
Satz Event  
Mon 1/15 MLK Both Gyms
Mon 2/19 Presidents Day Both Gyms

For more information or questions, please contact the HYAA office at 732-945-8799.