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Modified 3/11/2018


Registration Ends March 9th

Registrations for the spring softball season will be accepted through March 9th. Be sure to read some additional information about the programs.

Please take time to read the program overview. Schedules are not made until after registration ends so we are unable to provide practice day and time information. Our recommendation is to sign up your child to prevent a league from closing and then see if the schedule works for your family.


Registration Starts Jan 8
Early/Reduced Fee ($25 off) Registration Ends Feb 9
Rutgers SAFETY Course (Holmdel)
Satz Library 6:30 Reserve a seat
Mar 6
Registration Closes Mar 9
Rosters Finalized Mar 12
Coaches Clinic/Meeting
8:00 - 8:30
Mar 19
Rutgers SAFETY Course (East Brunswick) Mar 27
Umpire Clinics TBD (Mid March
Practices Begin
Weather permitting
Mar 26
Games Begin TBD (Mid April)
Annual Parade/Fair at Cross Farm Apr 21
Picture Day May 12
Travel Team Tryouts Early June
Playoffs Start - Minors Mid June
All Star Games - Minors Jun 16
Season Ends Jun 18



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Commissioners Anthony Vanario
Bruce Henderson
Gary Lewandowski

League Presidents Girls T-Ball (born 2012-2013) Danielle Longyear
Girls Clinic (born 2010-2011) Lou Rebimbas
  Girls Minor (born 2007-2009) John Yasnowski /
Stacey Savage
  Girls Major (born 2004-2006) Jason Dulow
Consistent with other towns in our area, we determine leagues based on birth year. Note that Travel Teams also follow birth year with their season running from Fall until Summer (teams change in August).

Cheer on the High School Softball Team

Come out and support the Holmdel High School softball team this season. This is a great opportunity to be a part of the growing Holmdel softball community and for girls to see what playing softball in high school is like.

Injury Report Form

In case of an injury sustained during an HYAA event, please print and complete the Injury Report Form and return it to the HYAA office. Please complete all relevant parts of the form.

Reporting Field or Equipment Problems

If you see anything you want to report about the condition of the baseball/softball fields, use the Field Maintenance Feedback form to report the situation directly to the supervisor of field maintenance.

Likewise, if you have any problem or concern about the equipment used for baseball/softball, use the Equipment Issue Feedback form to report the issue directly to the supervisor of equipment.

Softball Rules-All Grades - Updated for 2017


Coaches Handbook - If an HYAA coach would like a copy of the Coaches’ Handbook or the Skill Guidebook, please contact your League President

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